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Bienvenido a Exacolor USA
Bienvenido a Exacolor USA

Xenotest 220+

SKU EXUP0010495


  • * Air-cooled 2200W Xenon Lamp
    Touch screen with color display to monitor and display test parameters
    - Direct Setting and Control of Irradiance (300-400 nm)
    - Direct Setting and Control of Black Standard Temperature
    - Direct Setting and Control of Chamber Temperature
    - Direct Setting and Control of Relative Humidity
    - Display of Diagnostic Messages
    - Storage for user-defined tests
    - Multilingual User Interface
    "On-rack XENOSENSIV RC-34 BST for measuring and controlling irradiance (in W/m²) in the wavelength range 300-400nm and Black
    Standard Temperature on sample level
    Selectable temperature control either by Chamber Temperature (up to 65 °C) or by Dual Control: Chamber Temperature and Black Standard
    Temperature (up to 100 °C) simultaneously
    Fan-controlled temperature difference between Chamber and Black Standard Temperature
    Ultrasonic humidification system with integrated 60l water reservoir for humidity control (automatic refill)
    Sample rack with 20 positions in non-turning mode, suiting 19 sample holders plus XENOSENSIV® sensor; Max. exposure area: 2310 cm2
    Outer cylinder made of Special UV glass
    Pre-programmed standards ISO 105-B02, 105-B04 and AATCC TM16-2004 (Option 3)
    Switch-off by radiant exposure, light exposure or total operating time
    UV-protected test chamber window
    Auto Start functions after electrical break down
    Internal memory chip for storing instrument data
    Data output via Memory Card or RS 232
    Ethernet interface plus XenoTouch Add-ons 1, 2, and 3 (“Remote Control,“ “E-Mail Service,“ “Online Monitoring“)
    Universal electrical configurations to meet local frequency, voltage, and electrical requirements;
    Electrical connection: 230 V, 50/60 Hz; (1P/N/PE) AC or (2P/PE) AC, CEE (32 A, 3pol., 6 h)
    Recommended for: Test method ISO 105-B02, 105-B04 and AATCC TM16-2004 (Option 3).
    Please note Application-Kits “105-B02 (non-aging),“ “105-B04 (non-aging) “or “TM16-2004 (non-aging)“

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